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Danksagung & Acknowledgments

I would like to thank everyone who has helped make «The Toolbox Is You» such a great success, by enjoying, implementing and enriching the project using their individual skills.

Special thanks to Heidemarie Dobner for her enthusiasm throughout the creation of the first edition and Katrina Wiedner for her continued support, both artistically and conceptually – it is a pleasure working together. Furthermore I would like to thank the team at Osterloh for their passion and dedication.

Es ist mir ein Wunsch, dass dieses Buch jeden Interessierten auf dem Weg zu einem gesünderen, glücklicheren, und selbst-bewussteren Leben begleitet.


Gemeinsam Zukunft gestalten!
Shaping the future together!

Maria Kluge / Autorin

OSTERLOH is a non-profit organisation dedicated to mindfulness. It stands for a way of life which is determined by mutual appreciation, benevolence and mindfulness for yourself and the world surrounding you. Our intention is to bring more mindfulness into our society to make it happier and fairer. We want to find common ways to integrate mindfulness into our daily lives.

Ein Projekt von Verein für Achtsamkeit in Osterloh e.V.

Auf diesem Buch aufbauend bietet der Verein ein Kursangebot für Lehrer und Schulen an